of all workers will be 55+ by 2024

An Economic Imperative

Addressing a great need

Our nation’s economy is dependent on how we train, engage, and retain older workers as employees. Unfortunately, there are few programs preparing older Americans for the jobs of the future. As the economy recovers from COVID and the job market starts to accelerate, an experienced, talented pool of workers may remain on the sidelines.

The Center for Workforce Inclusion bridges the gap by training older Americans in essential skills rather than merely providing job search assistance. We engage with employers and local partners to unleash the potential of older workers, especially the underserved groups of low-income women, our nation’s proud veterans, and returning citizens.

Workforce Partners

The Labs helps our partners adapt to the changing demographics of our labor force through innovative and inclusive upskilling programs, educational national discussions, and systemic policy change.


Join CWI Labs and support our vision of a nation where every adult, regardless of age, race or gender, can achieve economic opportunity & security through work.

Connect with Us

CWI Labs partners with like-minded organizations to innovate new approaches, promote best practices, and tackle the labor force obstacles confronting traditionally underserved communities. We are building a national coalition of technology experts, workforce experts, and grassroots workforce development partners to drive systemic policy change. Contact us about opportunities to:

  • Raise Awareness of your organization’s commitment to workforce equity and economic opportunity for all
  • Create Solutions that drive systemic, equity change
  • Educate Policymakers with data-informed analysis
  • Connect with our Experts for events, interviews, and content submissions