of jobs require digital skills

Data-Driven Solutions

Our goal is to transform our Nation’s approach to workforce development so that all job seekers can pursue a path to economic opportunity that nurtures their individual talents and bolsters our national economic wellbeing.

CWI Labs and its partners leverage data and technology to identify the skills that will provide lasting economic opportunity, which has become even more urgent in a post-COVID world of work. We confront the systemic inequities in workforce development and develop solutions that address the needs of the job seekers and the employer.

Innovative Partnerships

CWI Labs partners with like-minded organizations to innovate new approaches, promote best practices, and tackle the labor force obstacles confronting traditionally underserved communities. We are building a national coalition of technology experts, workforce experts, and grassroots workforce development partners to drive systemic policy change. Contact us about opportunities to:

  • Raise Awareness of your organization’s commitment to workforce equity and economic opportunity for all
  • Create Solutions that drive systemic, equity change.
  • Educate Policymakers with data-informed analysis.
  • Connect with our Experts for events, interviews, and content submissions