Advancing Workforce Equity

CWI Labs partners with like-minded organizations to innovate new approaches, advance best practices, and tackle the labor force obstacles confronting traditionally underserved communities.

We are continually working on new projects and developing new initiatives. Below are a few examples of our work.

Digital Certification Program

CWI Labs is confronting the systemic inequities related to age, gender, and race by developing solutions that address the needs of the job seekers and the skill requirements of local economies. One of the cornerstones of our current work is addressing the bias related to age and technology – that older job seeker doesn’t know and/or are unable to learn the technology of today. A recent study by the National Skills Coalition shows that across all industries 92% of jobs now require digital skills

We are directly confronting this myth with a unique program to train and certify that our job seekers are digitally literate for a remote and hybrid workplace through our Digital Certification Program (DCP). DCP is a one-of-its-kind training program with a curriculum that goes beyond technology platforms to train on the soft skills unique to a remote and hybrid workplace. DCP simultaneously combats ageism by directly refuting two myths holding older workers back from equitable economic opportunity – that they are not digitally savvy and that they do not want to learn digital skills.

Equity Summit

Each year, the Center for Workforce Inclusion and CWI Labs convene hundreds of decision-makers, influences, policymakers, and practitioners for a unique opportunity – to discuss equitable economic opportunities for older job seekers, especially those living in historically underserved communities. Unlike other conferences, the Equity Summit is exclusively focused on advancing the workforce aspirations of older workers through solutions to systemic ageism, racism, and sexism.

An Equitable Recovery

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 12.6 million people were unemployed as of September 2020. Black and Latinx workers are bearing the brunt of these job losses, with unemployment rates 4.2% and 2.4% higher than average, respectively. Permanent job losses are also increasing. The number of workers on permanent layoff increased by 345,000 from August to September, rising to 3.8 million.

How can we ensure that all workers can access meaningful and sustainable work during our economic recovery?

CWI Labs and WorkingNation have invited experts in workforce development, labor economics, aging, racial equity and policy to discuss the challenges before our Nation. And, most importantly, to introduce thought-provoking solutions.

Job seekers exit prison each week

Formerly Incarcerated Job Seekers

Stable employment is one of the biggest factors in reducing recidivism. But formerly incarcerated job seekers are often hindered by social stigma, unstable housing, unreliable transportation, and the requirements of probation, parole, or treatment.

CWI Labs began piloting a new approach to workforce development for formerly incarcerated job seekers in 2018. Our program addresses the unique needs of these job seekers to support a successful, lasting re-entry into our community. We combine data science, in-demand skill development, and best practices to address each stage of career training from job preparation to placement to post-placement support.


Partner with Us

CWI Labs partners with like-minded organizations to innovate new approaches, promote best practices, and tackle the labor force obstacles confronting traditionally underserved communities. We are building a national coalition of technology experts, workforce experts, and grassroots workforce development partners to drive systemic policy change. Contact us about opportunities to:

  • Raise Awareness of your organization’s commitment to workforce equity and economic opportunity for all
  • Create Solutions that drive systemic, equity change
  • Educate Policymakers with data-informed analysis
  • Connect with our Experts for events, interviews, and content submissions