Our Partners

CWI Labs is proud to partner with Greyston, to develop practical and effective solutions to break the cycle of poverty through employment.

Discover more about Greyston’s award-winning Open Hiring approach to the hiring process and how it transforms lives and communities. 

Award-Winning Media

CWI Labs is proud to partner with WorkingNation, an award-winning storyteller whose mission is to educate and communicate the hard truths about the changing nature of work and bring the country together to create new jobs for a future-focused economy.

World-Renowned Data Science

CWI Labs works closely with Giving Tech Labs, whose mission is to bring cutting-edge technology solutions to solve social challenges and promote systemic change. Our partnership allows us to combine Giving Tech’s world-renowned data science and technology product development with our nearly 60 years of experience in workforce development for traditionally marginalized job seekers. The result is innovative ideas the amplify impact across communities.

Labor Economics Expertise

Julia Pollak, Chief Labor Economist at ZipRecruiter, is a Contributing Author to the Center for Workforce Inclusion and CWI Labs. Julia specializes in market design, technology, and the future of work. As a Doctoral Fellow and Assistant Policy Analyst at the RAND Corporation from 2012 to 2019, she worked on issues related to military manpower, defense acquisition, and military intelligence, in addition to topics ranging from health care payment models and underemployment to housing and voter turnout. Julia has also been an Adjunct Instructor at Pepperdine University teaching introductory and intermediate economics classes.

Successful Collaborations

We are proud to partner with private, philanthropic and direct service organizations to advance workplace equity across our country.

NextFifty Initiative
We thank the NextFifty Initiative for their support of our work with formerly incarcerated job seekers.
We thank Shell for their generous support of our work in Houston, Texas.
We thank Integrity Transformations Community Development Corporation (ITCDC), the community-based organization member for the Westside Works partnership, for their partnership in Atlanta, Georgia.

Connect with Us

CWI Labs partners with like-minded organizations to innovate new approaches, promote best practices, and tackle the labor force obstacles confronting traditionally underserved communities. We are building a national coalition of technology experts, workforce experts, and grassroots workforce development partners to drive systemic policy change. Contact us about opportunities to:

  • Raise Awareness of your organization’s commitment to workforce equity and economic opportunity for all
  • Create Solutions that drive systemic, equity change
  • Educate Policymakers with data-informed analysis
  • Connect with our Experts for events, interviews, and content submissions