Unlocking The Digital Workplace

Most of the projected increase in the labor force over the next 30 years will consist of older workers, specifically women 55 and older. These are the same job seekers who have the fewest opportunities to acquire in-demand digital skills:

  • Inadequate training options: Approximately 90% of workforce development programs provide services to students and younger adults, leaving only 10% to address the needs of adults age 50+.
  • Age-related bias: Sixty-percent (60%) of older workers would like to return to the workforce but are unable to break through the stereotypes associated with ageism.
  • The shift to artificial intelligence: Older workers are 67% more likely to be drawn to jobs with a high risk of automation than Millennials leading them toward layoffs rather than upskilling.

Support Digital Inclusion

CWI Labs seeks collaborators and partners who share our desire to provide innovative workforce development solutions. Our goal is to institute the DCP program with our 60 non-profit partners in 13 states, while building partnerships in 36 additional states. We believe our cutting-edge strategies will provide greater outcomes and opportunities for job seekers to secure living wage employment and contribute to the vitality of local businesses and community development. Join us today!

Thank you to the NextFifty Initiative for their generous support of the DCP program