DCP Core Components

CWI Labs is confronting the systemic inequities related to age, gender, and race by developing solutions that address the needs of the job seekers and the skill requirements of local economies. One of the cornerstones of our current work is addressing the bias related to age and technology – that older job seeker doesn’t know and/or are unable to learn the technology of today. A recent study by the National Skills Coalition shows that across all industries 92% of jobs now require digital skills

We are directly confronting this myth with a unique program to train and certify that our job seekers are digitally literate for a remote and hybrid workplace through our Digital Certification Program (DCP).

The Digital Certification Program was built to meet the needs of older job seekers living in low-income households. Participating job seekers are provided with both equipment and access to internet. The program has been piloted and validated with job seekers who have little to no experience with digital skills. And, specially trained Digital Navigators provide one-on-one coaching, support, and encouragement throughout the program.

Participants will be provided with:

  • Equipment: A new laptop, mouse, headset, flash drive, and a notebook for use in access our on-line digital learning platform.
  • Internet Access: A new hot spot with 12 months of prepaid internet to ensure ongoing connectivity.
  • Coaching: Weekly one-on-one coaching an instruction with a trained Digital Navigator.
  • Training and Support: Weekly training including tailored lessons, pre and post skill-tested assessments, independent lesson practice, and access to a Digital Navigator for guidance and technical support.
  • Certifications: Skill-tested certifications in digital modules including computer basics, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Capstone Practicum Project.
  • Postgraduate Career Services: Upon completing the Digital Certification Program, Job Seekers will retain all provided equipment, in addition to access to opportunities, including resume development, mock interviews, and career coaching

Support to Our Partners

There are many components involved in successfully launching and administering a certificate program like DCP, most of which will be new to our partners. Sponsorship will allow CWI to support our partners as they undertake this innovative initiative. CWI will support our partners to:

  • Work with local employers to enhance DCP program offerings to meet local employment opportunities.
  • Review and refine the curriculum to ensure that job seekers will be prepared for employment opportunities
  • Provide regular partner support and technical assistance to review progress and troubleshoot blind spots
  • Adapt the courses based on operational learnings and feedback from job seekers and employers
  • Develop easy-to-use tools for our partners to capture quantifiable metrics on our clients’ knowledge and skills before and after they take the training course
  • Document and disseminate actionable learnings and best practices to help inform future program designs and delivery
  • Construct marketing tools and strategies targeted to community stakeholders and other influencers, including governmental offices and representatives, corporations, local media, faith-based organizations, and human service programs

If you wish to learn more about how to support our DCP program, please contact us at contact@cwilabs.org