DCP Core Components

CWI Labs launched the Digital Competency Certification Program (DCP) to provide training opportunities catered to the world of digital work while simultaneously combating ageism. DCP is unique because it incorporates the critical communication and productivity skills needed to be successful in a remote and hybrid work environment And they receive certification to demonstrate their proficiency to employers.

The core components of the program are:

  • Thirty hours of live, instructor-led, remote interactive classes: The classes cover technology tools and software, virtual communication skills, workflow, project planning, productivity, time management, working with and on virtual teams, compliance, and critical thinking. A unique component to this training is the requirement to complete a team project and present the project to the class. Job seekers are tested at intervals within the curriculum to gage gaps in learning to help the job seekers master the skills needed in any work environment.
  • Ten to Thirty hours of self-guided instruction: Job seekers will work with their job coach and workforce development staff to complete assignments between classes that will help to solidify learnings from the live instruction.
  • Job seekers will also work with a career coach. This element of the program helps our clients to identify jobs, use networks and social media as search tools, market their own skills, understand employer expectations, writing resumes and cover letters, mock interviews, and write resumes.  Each nonprofit partner can adapt the program and include trainings that will help best prepare job seekers for local employment opportunities.

Support to Our Partners

There are many components involved in successfully launching and administering a certificate program like DCP, most of which will be new to our partners. The grant will allow CWI to support our partners as they undertake this innovative initiative. CWI will support our partners to:

  • Work with local employers to enhance DCP program offerings to meet local employment opportunities.
  • Review and refine the curriculum to ensure that job seekers will be prepared for employment opportunities
  • Provide regular partner support and technical assistance to review progress and troubleshoot blind spots
  • Adapt the courses based on operational learnings and feedback from job seekers and employers
  • Develop easy-to-use tools for our partners to capture quantifiable metrics on our clients’ knowledge and skills before and after they take the training course
  • Document and disseminate actionable learnings and best practices to help inform future program designs and delivery
  • Construct marketing tools and strategies targeted to community stakeholders and other influencers, including governmental offices and representatives, corporations, local media, faith-based organizations, and human service programs
  • Conduct a National Launch of the DCP in strategic markets of importance to both CWI and Wells Fargo.

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum consists of 3 weeks 20 hours a week

  • Program Overview
  • Ergonomics and Accessibility Features
  • Zoom and Microsoft Classroom
  • Typing
  • Goal-Setting
  • Study Research and Learning Skills
  • Time Management & Organization
  • Microsoft Office: and Goggle Docs
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Workflow and Project Planning
  • Workplace Communication
  • Team Building & Intro to Team Project
  • Communication and Customer Service
  • Productivity and Managing Distractions
  • Team Presentations
  • How to use your Coach:
    • Homework support
    • Transferable skills
    • Resume Writing
    • Employment for the job you want
    • SMART goals to get the job you want
    • How to apply in an AI World: on-line search on-line
  • How to prep for virtual interview:
    • Mock Interviews
    • Professional Etiquette
    • Know Your Rights
    • Prep for the 2nd interview
    • Prep for the first day on the job